The poke craze

Seattle is no doubt known for its seafood. Tourists come from far and wide to watch fish thrown through the air, at Pike Place Market. But what is this poke phenomenon taking the city by storm? Could it replace coffee, as the number one craze in Seattle? Probably not, but since early 2016 – when poke was only found on menus as specialty items and at high-end grocery stores – more than 45 businesses have opened to provide you with poke, within the Seattle Metro area.

Am I saying it wrong?

Poke (pronounced ‘po-kay’) originated in Hawaiian cuisine as a raw fish appetizer. When fisherman had extra cutoffs from their catch, they would season the fresh fish and eat it as a snack. However, you won’t find anyone snacking on poke in Seattle. This dish it too good! We need it in a large bowl, “and don’t skimp on the seaweed.”

Now that we’ve got your mouth watering, check out our poke map, and figure out if your favorite Seattle neighborhood will make the cut in dishing up some awesome poke. Maybe you’ll fall deeper in love with your neighborhood.

map, filter, icon, green, blueClick the icon in the top left corner of the map to filter your poke choices by neighborhood. 

Let us know where your favorite poke spot is. Also, if we missed one, let us know!


Poke Up Food Truck
Poke Square
No Vacancy / Hotel Albatross
Billy Beach Sushi & Bar

Belltown/Denny Triangle

FOB Poke Bar
Karaage Setsuna
Urara Japanese Cuisine
Food Truck – Buddha Bruddah
Sushi Kashiba
Moon’s Kitchen Homemade Japanese Restaurant
Chan Seattle
Urban Sushi Kitchen
Shiro’s Sushi

Capitol Hill/Central/First Hill

Wanderfish Poke
Poke Bar
Newport Poke
Coffee Tree Poke
Seattle Fish Guys
Marination Station
Ikina Sushi

Downtown/International Dist./Pioneer Square

Poke Alice
Poke Bar
I Heart Sushi
Red Bowls Restaurant
Liana Cafe House
Food Truck – Buddha Bruddah
Sushi Kudasai

Fremont/Phinney Ridge/Wallingford

45th Stop N Shop & Poke Bar
Nuna ramen
Mejari Fusion Sushi
Modern Japanese Cuisine & Setsuko Pastry

Hillman City

Sam Choy’s Poke to the Max


Metropolitan Market Magnolia

South Lake Union

Kai Market
Food Truck – Buddha Bruddah

University District

Hiroshi’s Poke
Village Sushi

West Seattle


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