One of the perks of living in Seattle is getting the best of both worlds. You can live in the heart of the city and in a short journey, be at one of the many beautiful beaches in West Seattle. There is a wide variety of activities, views, and shorelines and going is almost like taking a mini-vacation.  Life can’t get much better than that!  Here are a few of the best beaches in West Seattle:

Alki Beach

Pronounced “AL-KYE” though, but if you’re new to Seattle or a tourist, you may pronounce it “AL-KEE.”  It’s okay… we forgive you.  Getting to Alki is easy by bike, car or bus, but the quickest and most scenic mode is the Water Taxi.  For under $10.00, you can catch the taxi at Pier 50 in downtown Seattle and make the short journey to the beach while seeing the city skyline from a whole new vantage point.  You can find the schedule here and be sure to remember your camera.

Ensure that you have enough time in your day to explore all that Alki Beach offers: 2.5 miles of paved boardwalk where you can long-board, roller blade, bike, run or walk! During the summer, there are rentals of all sorts: kayaks, paddle-boards, bikes (tandems too), choppers and surreys. You don’t have to worry about running into anyone because the roads are divided into “walking/jogging” spaces and “biking/boarding” spaces.

We asked Trevor Russell, a Broker at our West Seattle office, his opinion of the beach; “My wife and I live on Alki Beach and absolutely love it.  We walk almost every night and frequent the shops and restaurants year-round.  Our favorite seasons are fall and spring, because you get all the beauty and wildlife, without the heavy tourism traffic.”

Alki Beach is truly the place to be no matter what day of the year it is!  And if you decide to stay forever, there are lots of great beachfront condominiums offering water and mountain views, and amazing sunsets.

Lincoln Park

You come to this beach when you want to be active and enjoy the outdoors. Lincoln Park offers tennis courts, baseball fields, a heated swimming pool and plenty of places to enjoy a picnic.

Are you interested in bird-watching and seeing bald eagles soar across the open sky? Lincoln Park is a nesting habitat for over 300 species of birds.

If you aren’t a crowd person, Lincoln Park is less congested than any other place in Seattle. They also have plenty of FREE parking, which is a huge plus because we all know how rare it is to find free parking in Seattle!

Lowman Beach

Not many Seattleites know about Lowman Beach, so if you want seclusion to read a novel or write one yourself, Lowman Beach is for you. It is a small beach compared to the others in West Seattle, with little to do but relax, which is sometimes just what we need.

Lowman Beach has 300 feet of rocky shoreline and plenty of views for that perfect Instagram shot. Pete Warren, a Broker from our West Seattle office says, “Lowman Beach is my favorite!  It’s small and away from the main tourist beaches. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or a picnic in the evening. Be sure to get your coffee from C & P Coffee Company, which is locally roasted and has a “homey” feel to it!”

West Seattle is truly a wonderful place to be and allows you to escape the chaos of city life.  So whether you want to be active or have seclusion, life’s a beach in West Seattle!