Madrona has lots of green space to enjoy, including Madrona Park with its swimming beach, the Madrona Playground, and the Powell Barnett Playground. There are lots of trails with views of Lake Washington, making this a popular escape for those living in busier areas of Seattle.

There is a mixture of mid-century, contemporary, brick and bungalow style homes, with eastern Madrona is seen as the high-end side, while the west side is made up of mostly middle-class families who see steadily increasing property values.

With parks and gardens that bloom throughout the seasons, this is a great area for walking. The small but thriving business area is on 34th Avenue and includes restaurants, shops and retailers, cafes, and a local winery.

Madrona Leschi Real Estate


Named after a Nisqually Tribe’s Chief, the Leschi neighborhood is located on the shores of Lake Washington and is one of Seattle’s older neighborhoods.

Near the marina, there is a small shopping area with a few restaurants and businesses catering to locals. The area also has two parks that are connected; Frink Park has shady trails and boardwalks, and Leschi Park with its view of the lake. Both are great spots to have a picnic or read a book.

The housing options in Leschi include historic homes, million-dollar mansions, and condo buildings. In addition to the pricey lakefront properties, Leschi offers plenty of affordable housing options too.