Queen Anne is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Seattle, and many of the city’s founding figures called it home, including George Kinnear, Thomas Mercer and members of the Arthur A. Denny Party. It was also a stomping ground for the Olmsted Brothers, who built many of the first parks in the Seattle area.

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Queen Anne is known for its magnificent views and rolling hills and has continued to attract those in search of a place to see the city. Crowds can usually be found gathering at Kerry Park, a favorite Queen Anne lookout with views of the Seattle skyline and Elliott Bay.

View from Kerry Park on Queen Anne Seattle

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There are several historic landmarks on Queen Anne, including the Queen Anne High School, and over 121 secret stairways found throughout the neighborhood’s many slopes.

Queen Anne High School
It might be sad to know that no royal queen ever lived on Queen Anne. The neighborhood got its name because so many Queen Anne style houses were built there. Today you will still find many of these grand homes, along with huge mansions, Craftsman bungalows, and condominiums buildings. Property values have soared in recent years as Queen Anne is so convenient to all the Seattle has to offer.

Queen Anne Shops

Coffe Shop in Queen Annee