It’s no secret. Look at the skyline. Cranes are everywhere you look – even when you’re not looking! Big and small; on buildings and on the ground; some operating on weekends and through the night. Today, roughly 60 cranes are operating in Metro Seattle.

But this conversation isn’t limited to cranes. For instance, Bertha certainly doesn’t need a crane. It’s a “boring” project.😜

There is massive overhaul happening in Seattle. Residential, commercial, government, transportation, and private developments are creating an entirely different future for this wonderful city. So, we’ve compiled the top 7 projects with the biggest price tags and with direct impact to Seattle; noted the objective of each project, our biggest takeaway. Although the projects’ stake holders are ultimately seeking to gain a substantial return, each project has huge economic promise to our city. And we couldn’t be more excited!

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7. Elliot Bay Seawall Project

Objective: To protect critical infrastructure and utilities while enhancing the habitat through this area
Scope: 3,700 feet
Total Cost (estimated): $410.2 Million
Funded by: The City of Seattle
Duration (estimated): January 2016 – mid-2017

6. Stadium Place 

Objective: To provide commercial and residential space in the following capacities: Residential Housing (740 units), Retail (60,000 sq. ft.), Hotel (297 rooms and conference space), Office (180,000 sq. ft.), Parking (720 stalls)
Scope: 1.5 Million sq. ft.; 3.85-acre site
Total Cost (estimated): $517 Million
Funded by: Stadium Place Investors LLC
Duration (estimated): 2010 – 2025

5. Amazon Tower II  

Objective: To serve as Amazon Headquarters (accommodating approximately 23,000 employees), and permanent home for Mary’s Place Homeless Shelter
Scope: 1.1 Million sq. ft.
Total Cost (estimated): $550 Million
Funded by: Amazon
Duration (estimated): 2012 – 2018

4. Washington State Convention Center Addition 

Objective: To provide space for retail, events, parking, and approximately 3,900 direct and indirect jobs.
Scope: 30-story residential tower; 16-story office building; 250,000 sq. ft. of underground parking; 1.5 Million sq. ft.
Total Cost (estimated): $1.6 Billion
Funded by: Washington State Convention Center
Duration (estimated): September 2017 – 2020

3. Sound Transit Northgate Link light rail extension 

Objective: To extend the Link Light Rail from UW Husky Stadium to Northgate Seattle
Scope: 4.3-miles long; link rail and connecting stations
Total Cost (estimated): $2.1 Billion
Funded by: Federal grants, motor vehicle excise tax (MVET) and local sales tax
Duration (estimated): 2012 – 2021

2. State Route 99 Tunnel Project (Bertha) 

Objective: To replace The Alaskan Way Viaduct with a tunnel that bypasses Downtown Seattle. Along with the tunnel, the project includes several mitigations and miscellaneous projects to reshape the SR-99 corridor.
Scope: Tunnel: 1.7-mile long (less than 215′ below Seattle); New Highway: 1-mile long stretch; demolition of The Alaskan Viaduct
Total Cost (estimated): $3.2 Billion
Funded by: State, Federal and Local sources, as well as the Port of Seattle and tolls
Duration (estimated): 2008 – 2023
Check out the Viaduct Demolition Open House on Thursday, August 10, 2017.

1. East Link Extension

Objective: To extend the Link Light Rail from Redmond and Bellevue to International District Station
Scope: 14-miles long; link rail and connecting stations
Total Cost (estimated): $3.7 billion
Funded by: Sound Transit
Duration (estimated): April 22, 2017 – 2023

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